Epi Info is a series of microcomputer programs for word processing, data management and epidemiologic analysis, designed for public health professionals. It includes a questionnaire designer, data entry facility, and descriptive statistics such as frequency analysis and crosstabs.
Epi Info is used worldwide for the rapid assessment of disease outbreaks, for the development of small to mid-sized disease surveillance systems as ad hoc components integrated with other large scale or enterprise-wide public health information systems and in the continuous education of public health professionals learning the science of epidemiology, tools, and techniques.

Epi Info allows users to create questionnaires and data entry forms. With Form Designer, users place questions and data entry fields on one or many pages and tailor the data entry process with conditional skip patterns, data validation, and custom calculations programmed by the user using Form Designer’s Check Code.
The Analysis module is used to read and analyze data entered with the Enter module or data imported from 24 different data formats. Epidemiologic statistics, tables, graphs, and maps are produced with simple commands such as READ, FREQ, LIST, TABLES, GRAPH, and MAP.