E-Views is the ideal package for quickly and efficiently managing data, performing econometric and statistical analysis, generating forecasts or model simulations, and producing high quality graphs and tables for publication or inclusion in other applications. It is a “canned” regression package for econometric analysis. EViews has an object-oriented design. Each type of object has specific ‘views’ and procedures that are used in E-views.
EViews offers the statistical and econometric tools you need for analyzing time series, cross-sectional, and panel data. From basic descriptive statistics, measures of association, tests-of-equality, and principal components, to specialized features such as long run variance calculation, causality testing, and unit root and cointegration diagnostics. EViews offers a wide range of tools for exploring the properties of your data.
Our estimation support begins with basic tools such as single and multiple equation linear and nonlinear least squares, ARMA, instrumental variables and exponential smoothing, and extends to more specialized estimators such as Generalized Method of Moments, univariate and multivariate GARCH, Markov switching, nonstationary regression, vector autoregression and vector error correction, and state-space estimation. And that’s just for starters. EViews even offers advanced tools for both stationary and nonstationary panel data analysis.