About us

Welcome to Blue Ribbon Academy, a school with a distinctive culture of students learning together and supporting and encouraging each other to do their best and of staff working collaboratively to develop a comprehensive and cohesive learning environment which keeps challenging our students to reach their potential.

The Academy is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, and research, and to developing analytical, lateral, Critical, problem – solving and creative students across disciplines who make a positive difference in the world. Students are offered an extensive range of excursions and camps. There is an amazing range of enrichment opportunities to perform in sporting activities, participate in debating and public speaking activities, perform in productions, musicals and soirees. Spectacular, exhibit original artwork in galleries, develop fluency in languages, explore the humanities, and develop scientific curiosity through excursions, events and our own digital technologies and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) programs.

As a Director, I am committed to leading Blue Ribbon Academy to achieve higher levels of student learning and wellbeing and to guiding staff, students and parents through our rapid growth in enrolments and size, and to working together with the community to ensure that we are providing the best possible educational learning opportunities for students.

The greatest strength of any institution is its people, so to all in the Blue Ribbon community and beyond thank you for visiting and for supporting the Academy.


To ensure that students are provided with learning opportunities that recognize and celebrate their uniqueness to develop their full potential skills needed to achieve and succeed in life.


Touching Lives forever


  1. To make our students to “be the best they can” through setting individual targets and supporting them to achieve them.
  2. To provide a wide range of engaging, enhancing extra-outdoor activities and opportunities such as educational visits, research field trips, camping, gardening and projects aimed at empowering students in line with their field of study.
  3. To develop an innovative, creative and flexible learning environment that will result to effective use of new learning approaches aimed at identifying and grooming student skills/talents through motivation and inspiration.
  4. Nurturing social partnerships with international organizations and universities to give students a wide range of opportunities to experience the world of study and work.

Blue Ribbon Academy leaner attributes

1.         Confidence

This is built when working with information and ideas of their own and those of others. As an Academy we help students build confidence as they secure knowledge, unwilling not to take things for granted and ready to take intellectual risks. We teach them on how to be keen to explore and evaluate ideas and arguments in a structured, critical and analytical way. This intern helps them to be able to communicate and defend views and opinions as well as respect views of others.

2.         Responsible

This is basically responsibility for themselves, responsive to and respectful of others. Blue Ribbon Academy students teaches students how to take ownership of their learning, set targets and insist on intellectual integrity in a collaborative and supportive way. They understand that their actions have impacts on others and on the environment. They appreciate the importance of culture, context and community.

3.         Reflection

Reflective as learners and developing their ability to learn. Blue Ribbon Academy students are helped to understand themselves as learners. They are directed on how to be concerned with the processes as well as the products of their learning and develop the awareness and strategies to be lifelong learners.

4.         Innovation

Innovative and equipped for new and future challenges. Blue Ribbon Students are guided on how to welcome new challenges and meet them resourcefully, creatively and imaginatively in a way that they are capable of applying their knowledge and understanding to solve new and unfamiliar problems. This helps them to adapt flexibly to new situations that require new ways of thinking.

5.         Engaged

Students are intellectually and socially, ready to make a difference with curiosity, embody a spirit of inquiry and want to dig more deeply. They are keen to learn new skills and are receptive to new ideas. They work well independently but also with others. They are equipped to participate constructively in society and the economy – locally, nationally and globally.

GAME TIME, LEARNING TIME (Astute Children’s Battle)

There are a variety of games and activities that will keep children away from screens which will help develop their thinking keeping them entertained and their minds stimulated.

A child’s play is an integral part of development. Children do not play just to entertain themselves. From the time they are born, they are constantly learning. When your infant reaches out to you to get the soft toy, they are learning.

They just learned that they can stretch their arm out to touch the toy. They learned that they reach out with their arms to get that toy. Learning and development are constantly happening, but it’s our duty to enable that learning with positive reinforcements.

There are various skills acquired while playing brain games for kids.

•       Analytical Thinking

•       Comprehension

•       Spatial Awareness

•       Conceptual Learning

•       Lateral and Critical Thinking

•       Creativity

•       Problem-Solving

•       Linguistic enhancement and so much more!